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     Honoring the Sacrifice

The Fallen Float Project

One outlet of support we are providing is based on the traditions of our Historic Mardi Gras. We conduct events during the Mardi Gras festival culminating in a float ride, during the day parade, for children and the surviving spouse, partner, and parents of the fallen officer. This fun-filled event allows for the families to interact with the Mardi Gras participants and engage them in a positive experience.  ​

Our hope is to allow, even if for a short time, a fun and festive activity for the families, so they know that the community remains grateful to them and for the officers ultimate sacrifice.

Family of the Fallen is a 501c3 charitable organization with a 100% volunteer staff. All donations go directly to support our mission.

Check out the ways you can support our mission, get involved in float building and help with events!

The Family of the Fallen advances the welfare of the members and families of local law enforcement agencies.

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