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Mission: The Family of the Fallen Foundation, Inc. advances the welfare of the members and families of local law enforcement agencies by providing educational scholarships, financial crisis relief, and a continuous social network of support to those who are experiencing unforeseen hardships.

The Need: With the increasing number of officers injured or killed in the line of duty each year in Alabama, families previously affected by those tragedies are frequently overshadowed by the most recent events. Injured officers and families of officers killed often don’t have the financial ability to provide basic daily needs like yard work or updated to their homes to accommodate their disability, funding for their children to attend college.

The Family of the Fallen Foundation will strive to keep their memory and sacrifice alive by providing these much needed services.Goals: In our first year, we will provide support to the families of the fallen officers by joining together and building a Mardi Gras style float that would be designated to represent the families of the fallen officers from our local law enforcement agencies. The float would allow the families that share this type of crisis to join together in celebration of life and distinguished honor, while being surrounded by the continuous support of the officers and the community. The concept is to ensure that the sacrifices, of not only the fallen officers but also of their families, for our community are not forgotten.  Additionally, our organization will provide small educational and financial crisis relief grants, and other identified needs to the family members of fallen officers from the state of Alabama. 

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